Knowing Which Fats Are The Bad Kind

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There’s so much information out there about what fats you should and shouldn’t eat that it’s hard to keep all that info overload straight. You’ve been told that all fats are bad and that’s just plain wrong. You’ve been told that shoveling fat-free foods into your mouth is fine and won’t make you gain weight and that’s a flat out lie. Body fat is all bad, right? It’s all cancer-causing stuff that comes from eating too much, right? Not at all. If you’re still confused about what fats are good for you and which aren’t then you’re just like most people who need some guidance. Saturated Fats Saturated fats are bad fats. They’re what happen when you eat a lot of meats, mostly the red kind, and a lot of milk. All that butter you spread on your toast in the morning is loaded with saturated fat. The fried egg

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